Giving Back to the Community

I am honored to use my skills behind the lens to give back to my animal community!

As a member of HeARTs Speak; a global network of artists and animal advocates who provide time and professional services pro-bono to animal welfare organizations in our communities, I photograph adoptable animals at shelters and rescues so that they can find a much-needed home that much sooner.

My love for shelter animals has grown tremendously in the many years I have become the lead small dog photographer for the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Those photos help when someone is looking online for their next dog. Being able to show their personality gets them into the shelter and ultimately ends up in an adoption.


Some of the other ways I give back:

  • Donating gift certificates for photography sessions to fundraising events
  • Cross-promoting events and animal rescue efforts via my social media channels

Need Help with Photography?

Does your rescue organization need help with photos?
Does it need help photographing adoptable animals at an adoption event?
We would love to talk to you about how we can help pro bono.
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The photographs below are all rescue dogs that have been adopted.
Quality photography DOES make a difference in helping get our furry friends into homes much sooner.