Meet Your Palm Springs Pet Photographer

Getting Started in Photography

My career in photography didn’t start out in my own studio. My roots are in my passion for dogs and a love for capturing those moments that warm the heart.

A few years ago I discovered that the adoption process at the local animal shelter would be enhanced with better photographs. Having a great photo became a life-changing experience for the dogs. Since then, I’ve gone from casually photographing dogs when they arrive at the shelter to becoming their lead photographer and later starting my own photography business.

Capturing Those Moments

As a Certified Dog Handler, I’m able to work with most dogs and their varying personalities – eager, shy, friendly, coy, and rambunctious or disinterested. Understanding the behavior of our furry friends has given me a stronger ability to engage and draw out their personalities, expressions and heartfelt moments.

My clients trust me to capture those intangible moments and turn them into tangible photographs and memories. And everything I need to photograph your pet is in my heart and my camera bag – I’m happy and able to go anywhere a client needs me to be.

Linda’s Pet Photography specializes in pet portraits in Palm Springs

and the Southern California area.